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    As a U.S. Marine owned small business, Phalanx Gear Solutions, LLC strives to provide our customers with the latest, top of the line tactical nylon gear, kydex & EDC gear, body armor, and firearm accessories available. We serve military, law enforcement, and civilians alike. With years of experience working at gun shows throughout the Hampton Roads area and the Richmond area of Virginia, we know what our customers want and how to suit their needs to the best of our abilities with reasonable, competitive prices.

    Phalanx Gear Solutions, LLC No Bullshit Policy

    Orders are filled in the same sequence that they arrive in. At Phalanx Gear Solutions, we are committed to keeping our clients and customers happy and satisfied. We provide top notch tactical gear and morale apparel for the warfighters and hitters downrange and on green side, LEO , and civilians. Everything is quality checked when it arrives in inventory and before it is shipped to ensure that you are not receiving bullshit items and instead, items that your life actually depends on. Should you have any problems whatsoever with your order, contact us IMMEDIATELY and we will do what we can to solve it. We're not here to make you wait a whole week to get a solution to your problem, as we try to solve any within 8 business HOURS of receiving contact in regard to an order. 

    Contact Email:

    Phone Number: 1-757-788-9238

    Phalanx Gear Solutions, LLC

    7 Northwood Drive

    Hampton, VA 23661